FOX 320 20 Ampere Charge Controller

AGM, Gel Lead-Acid Solarpower max 20A
deep discharge protection max. 20A
12V/24V autosensing
nightlight function
for 2 battery-systems

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FOX-320 Regulator

  • 12V/ 24V system voltage
  • 340 Watt solar power at 12V
  • 680 Watt solar power at 24V
  • for 2 battery systems
  • 20A overcharge protection
  • LED display
  • covert terminals
  • simple installation
  • connectors for 16mm˛ cable

Technical features

  •  AGM, Gel Lead-Acid
  • Solarpower max 20A
  • deep discharge protection max. 20A
  • 12V/24V autosensing     
  • nightlight function
  • for 2 battery-systems


The FOX-320 is a solar charge controller for modulated currents up to 20 A, suitable for AGM, gel and lead acid batteries. Consumers can be connected up to a current consumption of 20 A maximum. The adaptive total discharge protection monitors and protects the battery against damaging total discharge, and alternatively the nightlight function can be used. When using the nightlight function, a consumer will be switched on during the time the modules do not supply charge current (i.e. when it is dark). Ideal for the operation of an orientation light or small lights for the prevention of break-ins.

The optimised charge characteristic curve in combination with the hardware PWM control achieves a distinctly faster and gentler charging of the battery; hazardous gassing or overcharging are safely prevented.

The FOX-320 can charge two battery systems. Ex factory, 90 % of the power are charged to battery 1 and 10 % of the power to battery 2. The consumer current is always taken from battery 1.

On switching on, the controller recognises fully automatically whether a 12 V or 24 V battery system is connected. The active battery cut-out ensures the protection against reverse current and allows for an extremely low voltage drop between module and battery.

The charge controller can be operated in parallel to other charging devices (such as alternators, generators, fuel cells).

Modules of all manufacturers can be connected to the controller, the no-load voltage of the solar modules must be lower than 50 V (see type plate of the module).

The LEDs at the front of the controller give information on the charging state of the batteries, status of the consumer connection and whether a charge current is flowing from the modules or whether the battery is fully charged.

In the case of the FOX-320 the terminals B1(-), B2(-) and Output are directly connected with each other via the negative conductor. Therefore it is important when connecting B1 and B2 that both batteries are connected to each other at the negative pole with a large wire cross section.

The Multi Display FOX-MD1 can at any time be connected to the FOX-320 by simple plug-in. This allows the current voltages and flows to be displayed, even graphically. The programming function of the FOX-MD1 enables you to change and save various parameters.