Steca Tarom 235 Charge Controller 35 Ampere

Steca Tarom 235 with display

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The Charge Controller 235 from Steca for big power. 

Charge Controller STECA Tarom 235

35 Ampere New


Charge Controller for 12 ore 24 Volt automatic tension control, deep loading protection, overcharge protection.
Comprehensive parameter display (SOC, power, Voltage, Current) over two part LC-Display.

Data transmission on DC-cable for power control.

System parameters and functions from user free adjustable.


Overload protection

  • Overload protection and temperature regular load - end Voltage
  • Careful and synchronously extremely quick load, the full capacity from the battery use.
  • Automatic voltage adjustment (12V of 24V) by install

Deep unload protection

  • Switch off by to low battery power (Protection)


  • Fuse 35 Ampere.
  • Protection against overcurrent.
  • Over power and over temperature.

Technical data:


Tarom 235

Tarom 245

Tarom 440

System voltage

12 / 24 Volt

12 / 24 Volt

48 volt

  Max. module current

35 Ampere

45 Ampere

40 Ampere

Max. load Current

35 Ampere

45 Ampere

40 Ampere

The current  values are for the same load and module current (=100%) at 20C.

For all types Voor alle types concern

  Ambient temperature

-10...+60 C

Cable glands

16/25 mm


600 gram


188x128x49 mm

Protection class


  Instelbereik Richtlijn
  Final charge voltage 13.0..14.5V 13.7V
Boost charge 13.5 .. 15.0V / 0.5 .. 5h 14.7V / 2h
Equalization charge 14.0 .. 15.5V / 0.5 .. 5h 15.0V / 2h
Deep discharge disconnect 20 .. 70%SOC <30%SOC
Reconnect 40 .. 90%SOC >50%SOC

Technical data by 20C: